PS3 Jailbreak – Learn A Proven Method to Copy Playstation 3 Games without Modchip

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November 22, 2016
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November 22, 2016

PS3 Jailbreak – Learn A Proven Method to Copy Playstation 3 Games without Modchip

If you are trying out more about PS3 game modding then you come to the right place. With PS3 Jailbreak softmod you can upload all your game data onto hard drive and play PS3 games without using the orginal game disc.

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This mod is done with the assistance of a USB device which will allow your games to be copied onto hard drive without the need to install a PS3 mod-chip. Is method is safer as it doesn’t require any tickering with the PS3 motherboard, or soldering which can damage your PS3 if not done properly.

Once you install playstation 3 jailbreak software onto your console you allow the machine to read and play back blu-ray region coded dvds, and imported games. On a standard console this is not possible but with PS3 jailbreak software you can bypass these protections and enjoy watching any movie you want.

This sofware is not hard to install onto the PS3 and you don’t have be a rocker scientist to work the software – its designed for the novice!

Using PS3 Jaibreak is risk free and doesn’t pose any threat to voiding your warranty, softmodding is certainly the way to go and require less maintenance!

So Where Do I get Playstation Jailbreak software?

There are a few sites that offer this but lack any support for how to install and run this software! You need a website that offers a easy to follow step by step guide that can help you work PS3 jailbreak to play PS3 backup games without modchip.

To find out more click here now!! –PS3 Jailbreak to learn how to play copied PS3 games without using your orginal disc.

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