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November 25, 2016
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The evolution of mobile phones

Mobile phones are electronic devices which are used for long range, mobile voice communication. These operate by connecting to the various cell sites which are owned by mobile network operators and serve as receiving stations for all the data communication happening through a mobile phone. Although a cordless is also used for mobile voice transfer, the main difference which sets a mobile phone apart from it is the range of networking. While cordless phones can only communicate in a very restricted area like an office, mobile phones are limited only by the location of their cell sites, which are numerous and can even be used to contact overseas.

The categories of mobile phones available in the market are numerous. The basic phones are the ones which are used for the sole purpose of communicating from A to B while on the move. However, such a utilitarian base model of a mobile phone is soon getting obsolete and feature phones like music phone, smart phone and camera phones are taking over. Nokia 9000 Communicator which was introduced in 1996 was the first smart phone which included PDA functionality into a mobile phone getup. With miniaturization on the increase the microchips are getting more powerful by the day and this has enabled numerous numbers of features to be added into the current mobile phones.

The mobile phone evolution has been fairly quick with high end models of five end prior becoming base models of today. The features and extra conveniences provided by the current hand sets are mind boggling. The RIM Blackberry series have been introduced which concentrate on the corporate customer segment and caters to their email needs. SoniEricsson has come up with a Walkman series for all the music lovers out there. Cybershot camera phones, Nokia N-Series of multimedia phones and Apple’s iPhone with amazing web access features are all a part of the new genre of mobile phones.

Mobile phones are no longer just about voice communication, they have come a far distance from those early days. Some of the common features which are found in most handsets of today include: sending text messages (SMS), music (MP3 and MP4), call registers, alarm, radio receiver, built in cameras and camcorders, WiFi connectivity, internet browsing facility, games, the ability to watch videos and a host of other numerous features which have a made a mobile phone an integral part of the modern man’s makeup.

The evolving process has not stopped for these mobile phones. Nokia is working on coming up with a bendable mobile phone which will be called Morph. Touch screen is soon becoming a part of most mobile model’s makeup. The power of these often miniscule handsets is amazing and the possibilities of its usage are endless. Mobile banking, mobile bill payment, mobile news, advertising trough mobiles, mobile internet service are a few of the areas that have been explored using the current set of mobile phones.

There is no stopping the mobile phone revolution with the microchips becoming smaller and their power capacity increasing every day.

Source by Richard Cooper

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