Compare Laptop Price, Features, User Reviews, Laptop Hot Deals

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Compare Laptop Price, Features, User Reviews, Laptop Hot Deals

Using Compare Laptops tool to select a laptop that meets all your needs

Buying a laptop is not a guessing game and with so many laptops in the market. Most often, it becomes very difficult for you to make up your mind on what to buy. Every laptop manufacturer today has at least a minimum of 10-25 notebook models to offer, and even if you have the basic idea of what you want, it becomes hard to narrow down to your perfect choice.

Today laptops are not just machines that provide mobile computing. Rather they have evolved into tools of digital lifestyle. Today a laptop is used for computing, entertainment, mobile internet, video conferencing, gaming and much more. But not all laptops have all the functionalities, and each functionality adds to the cost. So how should you systematically go about selecting a laptop that meets your needs and comes at the affordable price?

One feature that is effectively used by comparison websites is Compare Laptop tool. This tool allows you to compare various models on price and features across brands and also different models of the same brand. The common mistake committed by most of the first time buyers of laptop is that they tend to compare only prices of laptops without looking at the features and configuration of the laptops, and therefore buying decision reached is never right.  It is like comparing Maruti 800 with Mercedes Benz C220, and if price is the only consideration then nobody would ever buy Mercedes Benz C220. Compare Laptop toolnot only allows you to compare prices of different laptops , but it offers comparison based on features and specifications like Processor, Ram, Hard Drive, Optical Disc Drive and so on. Basically Compare Laptop tool allows you to do like- to- like comparison to arrive at the right buying decision.
A simple three step process will help you select right laptop or any other technology gadget:

  1. Decide what you need laptop for.  For instance, do you need it for basic computing, or running high end applications, or graphic work, or gaming or entertainment? For example a HP pavilion laptop offers more multimedia capabilities when compared to a Dell Studio laptop, but at the same time a Dell Studio is much more suited for heavy computing as compared to HP pavilion notebooks.
  2. After you’ve decided on the use, shortlist models using Compare Laptop tool that meet your criteria with respect to features, components and overall specifications.
  3. Finally compare price of shortlisted models and further narrow down your choice to one to three models that are lowest priced.

Having said that, comparison tool as used in most the comparison websites today has its own limitations and it becomes difficult to narrow down your choices beyond a point. takes this concept a step further and tries to address some of these anomalies. Consumermate allows you to shortlist models based on brand, screen-size, weight, and price before you do comparison on components & features. This allows you to specify your basic requirements before you go to detailed specification sheet. The buying decision is much more simple, accurate and precise this way.

Besides, Consumermate has a user friendly feature of Laptop Guru that through set of simple questions guides a lay-man to ascertain his exact requirements and select appropriate models. This is a very handy tool if you are unable to define your requirements, which is the case most often. In addition, Consumermate has features like Expert Ratings & reviews and user reviews that help you further refine your search.
The whole idea behind comparison tool is to provide choice and transparency to the prospective buyers and thus helping them reach objective and correct buying decision.

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