Research Report of Chinese Blueberry Extract Market, 2009-2010

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Bilberries or blueberries are the flowering plants of Ericaceae Vaccinium. They mainly grow in Europe, Russia, North America and the Alps. There are more than 400 kinds of blueberries in the world and over 200 kinds in China. Their fruits have rich nutrition. Praised as golden berries, blueberries are regarded as one of the five major healthy foods for human beings by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO. They are regarded as magic berries by Prevention, American most influential magazine. According to the statistics of American Tufts University, among the 60 vegetables and fruits with the antioxidant effect, blueberries rank the first. OPC (Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins), Organogermanium, Organic Selenium, Arbutin, amino acid, tartaric acid and other special nutrition contained in blueberries are incomparable. Especially blueberries’ OPC, composed of 16 Bioflavonoids, have a superior physical activity to OPC contained in general plants.

The related research proved that OPC contained in blueberries have a comparatively strong antioxidant effect. Eating blueberries for a long time can help clear the toxic chemicals and free radicals in retina; promote the generation of retinal anthapurpurin; improve the night vision capability; help eyes adapt the change of strong and weak light; maintain eyesight; strengthen capillary; improve the blood circulation; decrease the viscosity of blood platelets; prevent blood clots; strengthen the heart and brain function.

Among all the oligomeric proantho cyanidins (OPC) in plants, bilberry extract has best effects, widest applications, lowest side effects, and also the highest price. In the global market, the price of bilberry extract (OPC 25%) is several times the price of grape seed extract (OPC 95%), reflecting the superiorities of bilberry extract

In Chinese market, bilberry extract is divided into European bilberry extract and Chinese bilberry extract, which have both adopted the European pharmaceutical product standard (OPC 25%). A few enterprises also produce other bilberry extract products (OPC 10% and 15%).

As it has more OPC categories (15 or more), the clinical effects of European bilberry extract are better than Chinese bilberry extract (3 – 5 OPC categories) and the price is several times that of Chinese bilberry extract

At present, raw materials of Chinese bilberries are imported and home-made. Imported bilberries are produced in Finland, Sweden in Northern Europe and Russia. The prices are between 3,000 EUR/ton and 4,000 EUR/ton. Home-made raw materials are produced in Northeast China and Shaanxi. The purchasing prices of fresh fruits are between 1,500 RMB/ton and 18,000 RMB/ton and the prices fluctuate based on the supply and demand situations yearly. Chinese domestic raw materials come from wild bilberries gathered artificially and few people plant bilberries in China. Vaccinium uliginosum and vaccinium vitis-idaea are concentrated in forests of Great Xing’an Mountains in Northeast China, accounting for 80% to 90% of Chinese total bilberry outputs.

Chinese bilberry extract products are produced in abundance. Some enterprises extract and process Chinese home-made bilberries; some enterprises directly import raw materials to process; and other enterprises produce both. Generally, those enterprises with production capacities of plant extracts can produce bilberry extract, but requirements on producing European bilberry extract are quite strict.

In 2008, the outputs of Chinese bilberry extract were about 60 tons, 95% of which were exported.

As a plant extract, bilberry extract was developed quite late. But the growth rate is higher than the entire growth rate of the global plant extracts. In 2004, the global demands for bilberry extract reached about 600 tons and in 2007, the demands reached about 1,000 tons. Bilberry extract has been widely used in oral eye health products (capsules, tablets, etc) in America, the EU, Japan and other countries. Korea has launched bilberry extract cosmetics.

Currently, Chinese commercial development of bilberry extract is focused on bilberry capsules and bilberry drinks. Bilberry capsules are mainly for protecting eyes and they are regarded as the best natural healthy care products for curing teenager pseudomyopia and relieving visual fatigue because of chronically working on computers. Bilberry drinks are focused on high-end markets. They not only have excellent nutrition healthy care functions, but also can prevent aging of cranial nerves, strengthen the heart, resist cancers and soften veins, enhance the immunologic function and treat urinary infections. Bilberry drinks are viewed as high-class drinks with nutrition and health care functions.

Through this report, readers can acquire more information:

– Development of Chinese bilberry extract industry

– Technology level of Chinese bilberry extract

– Import and export of Chinese bilberry extract

– Market competition of Chinese bilberry extract

– Downstream product development of Chinese bilberry extract

– Raw material market of Chinese bilberry extract

– Main producers and operation status of Chinese bilberry extract

– Development trends of Chinese bilberry extract industry

– Investment opportunities in Chinese bilberry extract industry

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Source: China Research and Intelligence

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