Swimming Can Increase Height – Does Swimming Help to Increase Height?

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December 13, 2016
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Swimming Can Increase Height

Swimming has been known as one of the best spine stretching exercises for the time. In fact, some people even consider swimming as one of the stretching exercises to increase height. But, is it true? Does swimming really help to increase height?

Well, until now people are still not certain about the true or false of this as there isn’t any scientific evidence to support one or the other argument yet. Now, let’s take a look at this swimming thing.

Swimming is a great exercise for the cardiovascular system. It improves the breathing capability, broadens the chest and shoulders, increases energy and helps one to stay fit. It also requires one to utilize his or her hands, legs and all of the body parts thus stretching the spine and whole muscle groups.

From all of the swimming styles, perhaps breaststroke is considered as the best style to stretch the body. This is the reason why people often regard breaststroke as the best swimming style to increase the height.

So, how breaststroke stretch and lengthen the body? Breaststroke is done by kicking the legs backwards while stretching the arms towards the front. This in turn will extend and lengthen most of the body parts particularly the spine. Swimming Can Increase Height

For teenager, swimming usually will increase his or her height for a few inches since a proper stretching of the spine and whole body will help the proper growth of the body. Moreover, swimming may be one of the great stretching exercises to increase height in spite of so many stretching exercises that can be found on the net. On the contrary, for adult, swimming might help him or her to obtain a little additional height from a fraction of a centimeter to 1 or 2 cm relying on his or her condition.

Remember also to consume sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates before and after swimming as practical to any form of exercises.

At last, besides promotes the proper growth of the body, swimming also helps to prevent backbone deformation, improves posture, boosts energy and makes one healthier. Thus, despite the fact that the potential of height increase by swimming or doing other form of spine stretching exercises is almost none for an adult, it will still benefit him or her. Swimming Can Increase Height

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