Difference Between Necessities and Luxury

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January 9, 2017
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January 9, 2017

Difference Between Necessities and Luxury

With the development of Science and Technology, many of our comforts have become our necessities. Earlier when the computer was invented, it was used only for the purpose of data storage and calculus. However today it has become our prime necessity. If you have good knowledge about computers there are thousands of jobs out there waiting for you. With the rise of Internet, the medium has changed to a social gathering device too. People chat; Share their thoughts through blogs. Find relative information, Watch Movies and what not. Did you realize how computers and Internet have become an integral part of our life??

Another good example is Mobile phones. The device that was a luxury statement in its earlier days has now become one of the “must carry” stuffs. Previously people relied on just landlines but now its place is taken away by mobiles.

Digital cameras were once considered as a luxury, at least in the third world countries, but now, we no longer see those old cameras instead we see digital cameras, because of many of their advantages, like, you can delete the picture which you don’t like, or you don’t have to use the reel, or that, you need not get them developed, instead just put them on computer and get your snaps.

Likewise, laptop computers were a luxury before, but now they have become a necessity. Instead of using heavy desktops, one prefers to use the lesser space occupying laptops, easy to carry anywhere. Can you imagine living without a good sound system in your house or car, if you are a real music lover? The answer is no! In this way, these simple inventions of science have slowly increased the man’s necessities by replacing his comforts and luxuries.

Who knows what may seem today as a luxury invention may become an important part of our life tomorrow.

Source by Aakash Shah

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