Integrity in Business Management; Do You Have It?

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January 24, 2017
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January 24, 2017

Integrity in Business Management; Do You Have It?

Integrity in Business: Do You Have It?

A business built without integrity is doomed. A business built without integrity will always be difficult to run because your customers won’t like or return to you and nor will your staff.

A business built with integrity will last and be utterly enjoyable to run. You will also reap the financial benefits.

So what is integrity in business and how to we practice it?

Integrity can be described this way… It is when a person does the right thing no matter what the circumstances will be. In a sense it is incorporating the act of selflessness into your life.

Integrity is seen to be in line with our moral virtues. It is hard to define because it can relate to so many things and offers us some insightful double meanings. We are going to look at personal integrity, in my view if you have personal integrity it will carry to all other areas of your life.

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”

Albert Einstein

Steps to Personal Integrity:

  1. I choose to always do the right thing, even if it isn’t going to be easy for me or others.
  1. I make sure there is no difference between what I say and what I do (I walk my talk) because I am consistent and true to my heart.
  1. Honesty; I am honest with myself, I am honest to others, I always state the truth.

In the world of business, integrity is vital yet it is mostly uncommon thanks to the influence that faceless businesses on the web have had over our business world. If you want your business to succeed, operate in your truth, operate with integrity and reap the benefits.

Steps to Integrity in Business:

  1. I offer a valuable service and I do not only focus on money.
    The focus of your business and what you do each day is not only to make money. The focus for your business is to genuinely help others and offer services and products of value that will enrich their lives.

    Note: This doesn’t mean that you fly by the seat of your pants and never budget your cash or care about what you make financially, it just means that your SOLE purpose is not money. When your sole purpose is just to make money you actually will receive the opposite. People can smell your greed. Choose instead to focus heavily on offering valuable products and services and see where this takes you.

  2. I walk my talk in business. You do as you preach.
    Example: Let’s say you are selling a new line of clothing that you know is of cheap quality (and you would never buy it because you know it offers no real value and will fall apart after a few washes) but you sell it anyway because the mark up is great. Then we would say your integrity is jeopardised or I would probably say that it sucks. In the short term you’ll make great profit. In the long term you’ll have no customers.
    Why not just find a decent product that still offers you your desired profit.?
  3. I operate my business with honesty.
    Here’s an example…. My mum recently signed up for a new home phone service. They gave her this brilliant sales pitch about how cheap the plan was. Mum was wrapped. Signed up on the spot. Couldn’t believe she was receiving unlimited calls for just $20 per month. Turns out this is a Voip deal and mum has no idea what Voip is or that a Voip phone will cost an extra $299.
    Dishonesty waists people’s time, even the little white lies or leaving out important details to your clients.

Further integrity tips:

  • Be open to feedback, ideas and ways to better yourself.
  • People only wish to do business with a company they can trust. This comes from the core of the company or the person at the top. Give them every reason to trust you.
  • If something goes wrong with a client, take the time to get them back or apply damage control.
  • Make sure all of your advertising material doesn’t over promise and is clear, concise and to the point.
  • Network and remain involved in community activities that show that you are proud of promoting your business.
  • Always remain in complete control of important areas of your business like accounting!
  • Treat co-workers, staff and customers with the utmost respect at all times.

So there’s three simple ways and loads of integrity tips that can help you build a profitable and enjoyable business future. The sky is the limit with this one.

At BusiWizard we love to help people just like you build, market and grow their Australian business with integrity towards a successful, enjoyable and profitable future.

Check our website for the many ways that we can help you achieve this.

Heidi Shannon – Small Business Coach, Web Coach, Marketing Expert, Author, Web Designer

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