Social Networking In The Office: Good Or Bad?

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Social Networking In The Office: Good Or Bad?

Gone are the days where people meet at a common place and socialize. These days, people sit in front of their PCs and build their social network. But is it good or bad when you do this during office hours?

Why is Social Networking Bad?
Productivity loss is a main concern for companies; employees spend more time updating their online profile than working. Let us look at the results of a survey by Computerworld in 2009 which reported the following:

  1. About 54% companies in the US banned social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and My space.
  2. About 19% companies allowed social networking sites only for business purpose
  3. Only 10% of 1,400 CIOs mentioned that they allowed full access to social networking during office hours.
  4. Some employees used social networking sites daily for about 2 hours

Increase in usage of bandwidth by uploading and downloading files from social networking websites result in more consumption in bandwidth for smaller organizations directly affecting network resources.

Social networking websites are prone to hackers who attack the sites with malicious software that lead to data theft, scams, etc.

Why is Social Networking Good?
Social Networking websites are a power communication tool that has encouraged large organizations in their marketing efforts to build brand awareness and create a network online. A corporate profile in social networking websites and using the contacts of their employees to announce new products and information is more effective in passing the message from one network to another and also at minimal cost.

For employees who want to relax and relieve their tension at work, visiting social networking websites is encouraged as it helps improve the mental status and can reduce work stress.

Good or Bad?
If you are an employee reading this article, you will realize how it would affect the productivity of your organization and you may think twice, next time you log in to social networking websites during office hours.

If you are an employer, you will certainly consider the benefits of using social networking websites and take necessary steps to use it to your full advantage whilst monitoring and having clear guidelines as to how much employees can access social networking websites without affecting the organisation negatively.

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