Does Infrared Heat Therapy Improve Blood Circulation?

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Does Infrared Heat Therapy Improve Blood Circulation?

Infrared heat therapy has been used for about forty years as a means of treating many injuries and aches in the human body. Infrared rays are waves of light that are not seen, but felt as heat. The sun emits infrared rays, and that is what warms our bodies. The Far Infrared Rays are the longest rays emitted by the sun. It is radiant heat, and produces heat by reacting with mass. Infrared heat penetrates the body, without heating the air around it. Through this penetration, infrared heat stimulates organs, muscle tissue, and the circulatory system. The infrared waves activate the water that composes most of our bodies and it ionizes and stimulates the water. The human body actually produces infrared rays, and some ancient forms of healing through the hands have used this energy. The most research into Far Infrared Heat Therapy has been done in Japan and China during the past forty years.

Because infrared heat therapy is non-invasive and reacts with the water content of the human body, it increases circulation of the blood, and is beneficial without straining the heart. It does this by expanding the capillaries and the smallest blood vessels that carry blood to all cells of the human body.

One of the results of this increased blood circulation has been in the treatment of cancer in some countries. At a hospital in Germany, cancer patients are given a regime of nutrition and detoxification, followed by two weeks of infrared heat therapy. Because the blood circulation is maximized, the cancer cells cannot attach to capillary walls and therefore cannot reproduce. If the blood is flowing freely, the white cells will carry away the cancer cells, thereby preventing the growth of the cancer. Cancer cells are also extremely sensitive to heat; the body temperature is raised to about 40 degrees Celsius during infrared heat therapy; cancer cells cannot continue at those temperatures.

Another result of increased blood circulation is the relief from muscle ache and injury. Because the blood brings oxygen to the area, the damaged tissue is rejuvenated and repair is hastened. This increased circulation also lowers blood pressure, because the vessels are dilated. It also helps prevent clots that form when the arteries become constricted by plaque, calcium or fat. As the arteries dilate, the increased blood flow is able to carry away these deposits and lessen the chances of stroke or heart attack that result from this narrowing of the channel.

The increased level of blood circulation promotes healing of many disorders by delivering oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood to all parts of the body, and stimulating the lymph system, which is responsible for the production of white blood cells to combat infection and remove toxins. The benefits range from a general sense of well-being to reduction of wrinkles. Some other conditions treated with infrared heat therapy are gastritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, osteoporosis and many other common disorders.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy may also assist the body remove heavy metal toxins from the system. By exciting the water molecules that trap these toxins, the molecules are released, and the circulatory system can eliminate them. Infrared heat therapy is an effective method of improving blood circulation and has become a popular tool used to help patients recover from injuries and other health conditions.

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