Immigrating to Canada and Finding a Job

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June 9, 2017
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June 10, 2017

There are many reasons why people from all over the world wish to immigrate to Canada. Some people move to Canada for a bigger, better, and brighter future, while others wish to rejoin their family members who have settled in Canada, and others still, wish to pursue a higher education and enhance their professional skills. Regardless of the reason why, it is a universal feeling that Canada is a great destination for seeking well-paying jobs.

However, according to statistics and data available regarding immigration in Canada, 49% of immigrants find it challenging to land an adequate job in Canada. This is quite a large number considering that Canada allows the entry of approximately 260,000 immigrants per year. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep in mind the following in order to land the best available jobs in Canada:

Prepare Compelling Resumes

The first steps to acquiring a job in Canada consists of developing an appropriate resume, practicing for interviews, gathering documentation, and preparing for a new beginning. With this being said, the most important aspect is creating a resume that is comprehensive, professionally crafted, and suits the Canadian job market. Submitting a good resume is crucial to landing an interview because employers will scan the resume first, thus gaining insight into the job seeker’s capabilities. Besides experience and educational qualifications, Canadian employers also assess long-term career goals and objectives of job seekers.

Hence, it is advisable for fresh immigrant applicants to seek the help of a professional Canadian resume writer and get a professional resume, cover letter, and follow-up letters prepared for job applications. After having developed hundreds of resumes for international professionals, Canadian resume writing service providers will have an in-depth knowledge of how to present facts that will appeal to the employers in Canada.

Scour the Job Banks and Job Postings

The government of Canada has an extensive list of available jobs in its well-maintained job bank. This is frequently updated, so it would be well worth the jobseeker’s time to take a look at this database. Also, job postings are available on various job sites and job portals on the Internet, in newspapers, and even in community bulletins. Most jobs are open to newly landed professionals.

Learn the Language

Those who successfully qualify under the Canadian Immigration Program sometimes find that language could pose a problem. It becomes a little challenging to overcome the language barrier in a short time and secure employment without being able to communicate effectively. This is one reason why it would be beneficial to enroll in language courses even before migrating to Canada. This could be followed by further language classes in Canada to pick up the finer nuances of the language as it is spoken and understood in Canada. Fluency in English and French will be a great advantage for immigrant professionals landing in Canada, since opportunities for jobs are better for someone who is familiar with both languages.

Expand your Social Network

Immigrants in Canada must strive to establish good relationships with other people in the community; thus raising the chance for networking and developing new connections. This will help create new opportunities and references, especially for people who are new to the community. References help build confidence and create a positive impression on the employer.

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