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June 21, 2017
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iRedeemer is a convenient tool to let you redeem quickly iTunes Gift Card, or iTunes code, AppStore Promo code. It is now even simpler to redeem such card and code by showing directly the card in front of your device camera; iRedeemer will perform a text recognition process to detect the code written on your card.

After redeeming your code, send a “Thank You” note to your generous donator by email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc…

The text recognition system works only with the most recent iTunes card which have the code inside a rectangle/box. iTunes gift card without such rectangle/box will not be recognized by the text recognition system.

How to use iRedeemer with text recognition system:
1- tap the button “Use Camera”
2- simply move the gift card with the code inside the rectangle in front of the camera until the top corners align with the guidelines on screen,
3- after a few seconds, the text recognition system will detect the code,
4- verify the code recognized match the one on the gift card,
5- tap the “Redeem” button to automatically get into the iTunes redeem screen


How to use:
1. type the code you see your iTunes Gift Card, certificates, coupon, promo code
2. tap the “Redeem” button to automatically get into the iTunes redeem screen,
3- that’s it

By jeTap

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