The 6 most cost-effective recommendation Smart phones, starting from 1050 Yuan (1)

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July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017

Since last week, the students have started looking forward to a long summer holiday; parents are no longer constraint child watching the World Cup, after watching the World Cup in the luxury, a lot of students planning to change a smart phone playing in the rest of the summer time. But as students, as the budget is not much, small part of the high-end models are not worthy of recommendation. Let us see some smart phones for students.

The most popular S60 smart: Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230 is a smart phone which has 2-megapixel camera and touch screen S60. In appearance, the Nokia 5230 and 5800XM uses almost the same design, from the candy bar shape of the whole touch screen, to the front fuselage of the three key entities, to the processes of the border, the 5800XM’s shadow is everywhere. In the configuration, the phone’s camera is only 2 mega pixels, which have a large gap to the mainstream markets. However, it has 3.2 inches screen and resolution of 360 × 640 pixels; the effect of display is very well.

Before the Nokia 5230, the 5800XM and 5530XM two very similar models have laid a solid foundation for the new machine, so I believe this low end model can get good results. Unfortunately, 5230XM support for GPS navigation, but does not support the Wifi wireless Internet access. But the price is very low now.

800MHz Processor: Samsung i5700

Samsung i5700 is a high-frequency android smart phone which has an 800MHz processor. From appearance, the Samsung i5700 still use the classic candy bar shape. As also belonging to Galaxy (Galaxy) series, the Samsung I5700’s body design is very similar with the i7500, only have some subtle changes in the keyboard. In the configuration, the cell phone is equipped with a 3.2 inches 320 × 480 pixel resolution screen, display effect is very good. At the same time this cell phone is equipped with a 3.2 mega pixel camera, the performance is quite satisfactory.

The hardware configuration of Samsung i5700 is quite good. The cell phone is equipped with a frequency up to 800MHz processor, in addition to bring very smooth operation feelings, but also can play XviD and DivX high-resolution video. Plus this cell phone is equipped with a very strong network functions Android intelligent systems, overall performance is excellent. If you have higher performance requirements, you can consider choosing this model.

The best hardware of thousand levels: Samsung i8320

Samsung i8320 is a multi-media model with 3.7-inch high-definition big screen. In appearance, the Samsung i8320 with Straight touch design, measurements size of 115.9 × 58 × 12.9mm, with full black body color, the overall is stylish and atmosphere. In the configuration, the phone has a 3.7 inch WVGA resolution (800 × 480 pixels) touch screen with AMOLED materials, display and operating results are very good. At the same time this cheap cell phone has a 5 mega pixel camera, support for 720P high definition video, imaging results are good.

Samsung i8320 cell phone is equipped with the latest operating system LiMo, the hardware is using ARM Cortex-A8 processor (frequency up to 600MHz), and support for 3D acceleration, games and video performance is more superior. But the third-party software resources of the system is currently relatively few, playability is still to be discovered. Part of the master has poured Android system in this cell phone already; I believe that there will be tutorials out soon.

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