PC-Based DVR vs. Standalone DVR: A Comparison

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PC-Based DVR vs. Standalone DVR: A Comparison

Security is a top concern among many of us today. This is in response to the alarming increase in crime rates – from what you read on the papers, what you hear on radios and see on your television sets. And along with this, people are becoming aware of their options when it comes to providing reliable security to their family and their investments. Utilizing available surveillance technology is one way – and probably the most popular option among many.

Now, when it comes to surveillance system, you may already know that this includes several cameras, an optional storage for saving recorded data and of course the DVR – these three are considered to be the most important. And for the latter, there are two models for you to choose from – the standalone and the PC-based DVR models. Mostly, if you prefer to use PC-based DVR, you need to have at least minimal knowledge on computers. On the other hand, a standalone DVR system is what you need if you prefer the push-button type of solution.

Basically, the two models have different specifications and features but they do the same thing – provide security through surveillance ingenuity. But in comparison, the PC-based DVR offers far clearer and better recording quality considering the time lapse. This model is also considered to be more flexible than the standalone model. You either buy the PC-based DVR system as kits which you can install on your own personal computers or you can buy them pre-configured and packed with all the functionality to match your surveillance system need.

For the standalone DVR, you are offered the simple functions which involve only a few push of buttons. It usually has off-site viewing capability where you can monitor the data being fed to the DVR anywhere you are – through the web or your mobile phones. This model runs in Unix, Linux or other operating system and is designed to run only a single application: surveillance. The latter specification makes it more reliable since it runs for a sole function and you don’t need to worry about any other interruptions.

Whichever of the two models, however, you decide to buy, please know that they have their respective capabilities and specifications. And it would be better to choose based on your needs rather than on which appeals to you better.

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