Marital Practices in the Muslim and Arab Community

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Marital Practices in the Muslim and Arab Community

A Muslim marriage is a matrimony contract between a man and woman who choose to live as husband and wife for their entire life. The matrimonial contract is known as Nikahnama in Islam and it is a formal, binding contract important to religiously Islamic or Muslim marriage, which defines the rights and responsibilities of the bride and groom. The nikahnama, the marriage contract is not only signed by the bride and groom but also by the Walises and Maulvi.

Indian Muslims follow marriage customs that are similar to those practiced by Muslim living in the Middle- East, which are based on the Islamic conventions. The Indian Islamic wedding ceremony is also proceed by a marriage procession known as the groom’s baraat.

These days’ young people or single Muslims are at liberty and express their preference and choices clearly and precisely. The young single Muslims state what they are actually looking for in terms of prospective partners. In Islam it is not a regular or usual practice for them to seek actively a partner of their choice by following both modern and western rituals including dating. The majority of the Muslim community follows the practice of monogamy. Muslim singles or Muslim youth in the non- Muslim countries are struggling to find a suitable partner for them. Keeping in mind this growing issue lot of commercialization has happened and Muslim matrimonial sites and single Muslim sites have come into existence to bridge the gap between the prospective bride and groom.

Muslim Dating is not a prevalent practice in the Islam but with the evolution of single Muslims is opting for this practice so that they can choose their own partners and get to know each other well in advance before becoming bride and groom. In Islam, many families’ elders or parents assist the potential bride and groom in finding the suitable partner and their consent holds equal importance as that of man and wife.

  Arab weddings have outgrown and changed in the past 100 years. These weddings are very different and unique from one region to another, even if they are present in the same country. Arab community has also evolved along with the Arab wedding in the past century. people belonging to the Arab community has also started to evolve and they have started dating and there are lot of Arab Dating sites where the Arab singles meets and then date and finally decide to be with each other for the rest of their lives. There are Arab Chat rooms also present where people belonging to Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt etc can chat with people belonging to their community. With the Arab, chat has come the concept of Arab dating as well and in the last decades of the 20th century, especially during 1990s, western communication technologies became increasingly prevalent.

There has been recent emergence of events conducted by the Islam or Arab community groups and organized in order to help single Muslim and single Arabs in finding the right partner for them.


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