IP Skyline video door entry phone intercom system

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August 20, 2017
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IP Skyline video door entry phone intercom system

IP Skyline – VoIP SIP modular video door entry phone intercom system with PoE

  • IP (SIP) modular system with built-in colour camera
  • P2P or SIP proxy mode (PBX network system)
  • 1-64 pushbuttons
  • Optional keypad module 
  • Tested on 3CX SW PBX v9 (Windows based, video support) – free
  • Tested on X-Lite SW IP video phone – free
  • Tested on Nexus One android mobile phone
  • Tested on a virtual, hosted SW PBX www.pbxes.org – free
  • Tested on various types of available HW PBXes (CCM, Alcatel, Panasonic, Samsung, etc.)
  • Tested on various types of HW VoIP video phones (e.g. Grandstream, Snom) 
  • Two 25-digit numbers on each pushbutton
  • Waterproof pushbuttons with impregnation IP66, gold plated contacts
  • Pushbuttons are manufactured in zamak and a natural chromed finish
  • Panel is made of highly weather resistant anodized aluminium 
  • Easy installation for outdoor or indoor use 
  • Pernament card slot lighting 
  • Card slot lighting by low consumption, max. duration LEDs
  • 2 relays for two independent electrical locks 
  • Codelock feature by using pushbuttons
  • Up to six codelock numerical passwords (2-6 digits)
  • Basic panel set is supplied in 2 pushbutton version with colour camera and surface mount installation box
  • Basic panel ref. 1CP201 contains the first expansion module for 8 pushbuttons 
  • Power supply 12V or PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • PoE allows using a low consumption el. lock
  • PopUp SW for on-line monitoring of door entrance, possiblity to open el. locks via PC
  • WEB based programming 
  • Integrated heating of the electronic circuit board 
  • OS Linux 2.6
  • USB connection of integrated camera – USB Guest 1.1
  • Software GSPCA for video transmission to web browser in PC – W3CAM (J-PEG, RTSP stream) and stream H.263/H.264
  • Flush or surface mounting
  • Automatic illumination for camera by white LEDs

Source by Petr Cernousek

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